Sunday, July 17, 2005


Ugh great it's Sunday....but again it's a good thing! 1 more hour of sleep...damn I wish we would wake up everyday like this! But oh my buddies would go on pass and I can't because I shoved DS Johnson and I guess I got punished for that...damn I regret doing that ya know.....So it sucks not being able to go on pass.....anyways woke up and did my hygiene stuff....and got with my battle buddy and went downstairs for formation....PG would report in and the usual stuff and then we would be sent upstairs to conduct "bay maintenance" basically I just sat at my locker and wrote some letters til we were called down for breakfast chow. We were called and we all marched to the DFAC....singing the usual cadences. After breakfast chow we would get back to the barracks and perform more bay maintanence...meanwhile I would get Hartman who was going on pass to get me some candy so I gave him money....hopefully I won't get in trouble because well you know the rules....anyways we would chat until they would call everyone else to get dismissed for pass....and they did the usual check who was on pass and finally the people on pass left and then we were sent up.....well a couple of guys in the platoon didn't get to go on pass so I hanged out with them.....they're crazy guys geez they're playing sword fights with the PT mats that is hilarious too bad I didn't participate in them....their skin is like but anyways got called down for lunch chow and this is the part I love about not being able to go on pass which is not spending money.....because basically you know why I'm pretty tight on cash...I didn't bring an ATM card so sometimes I would have to wait til momma sends me money thru the mail. Also there would be one Drill Sgt at the table and just eating so we can take the good food like jello (I dare not to take cake because it's risky....)anyways after lunch chow...we would go back to our bays and I would fall asleep at the fireguard desk, that's another thing I love about Sundays I COULD SLEEP! soon it would reach 1645, that was the time when everyone was supposed to be back....and everyone did just in time...and then we all went to dinner chow and then we all chilled.....for a couple of hours, the Sto 2s would chill on their bunks and I would just chat with them.....and then we would shower and then fireguard tonite :D yay....tomorrow is Advanced Rifle Marksmanship...


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