Friday, July 08, 2005

Another day of BRM!!

Well the usual stuff ya know...still on these god damn crutches....going to chow sucks because I still had someone to carry my tray to the table...anyways woke up did my hygiene and crutched all the way back to my bed and made it. Then I would get all my gear and have Johnson bring it all down to the down and we would get in formation and the PG would report in to the DS....then we would get in PT formation to stretch then go to breakfast chow...yum...Cereal today....anyways back to the Company and soon we got on our gear and onto Trans...which this time it was cattle trucks damn I can't stand those damn things....they are so frickin hot! Anyways our next destination is another range....We got to our destination and got out of the cattle cars and got into formation...we got our rifle cleared by the DS's and soon we would go to the windscreen to get a safety brief. The Civilian would give us our safety brief and said profiles and sick call people go first...Guess I get to be in the firing line first....Anyways this range is a computerized range and tells you where every round hits. Targets stay up and never go down and records every hit or miss. Neat ain't it? So that's where our tax dollars go to...but anyways got into my foxhole and waited for the usual procedure and then we would start shooting...I was told to shoot 5 rounds at the 50 meter target, 10 rounds at the 150 meter target and 5 rounds at the 300 meter target...shot those rounds at the foxhole position and hit most of them I think...but then we would change positions and this time would be the prone unsupported position where you're on your stomach and on your elbows. This is where I had a problem here...looks like I'll need more practice here...I hit around 40% of my targets...oh well....Total I only hit 22 targets....damn so today was not a good BRM day for me....oh well then I would wait at the windscreen for the thing it sucks is if you're first in the firing line you have to wait for the whole Company to finish which can be a long time....can't go to sleep, damn...Some people on the bleachers would talk so loud even the First Sgt who would observe the shooters said they are louder than the M-16s firing...and he threatened us to put us in the Pit if we didn't keep our mouth shut! oh darn that's the first time I saw the First Sgt Cates get mad! Anyways MREs and literally we were rushed to eat them and get out back to the windscreen....after everyone shot, the whole Company would pick up Brass and live rounds and sweep the area...basically the usual procedure we would do at every range....Soon it was time to get back to the Company and we would get back on Trans. Thank god it's a big bus!! I love that Air conditioning oh the cold air...finally...anyways got to the company...grounded our gear in our lockers and went to dinner chow....then DS Johnson would call the ones who were a no go and I was one of them and she would talk to us why we weren't making the targets and gave us pointers. Anyways after that we would get mail and shower then lights out....tomorrow is my follow up....hopefully I could get these crutches off me....I got some pain still but I can still manage it I think....I'm sick of tired not marching with the Company and someone holding my tray. This is has to stop NOW! Anyways I got to sleep...gotta save my strength for tomorrow...


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