Friday, July 01, 2005

Another day of BCT... know I hate doing the same thing everyday...been waking up the same time everyday oh well I'll get used to it...I kinda like White Phase don't need to worry about DS Hoaglund busting thru door with his whistle which gets my ears...but anyways woke up 10 minutes early and brushed my teeth and got the bunk ready. Then I would hear the PA system "Wake up Privates Wake up! formation is 0450" Oh well...waiting for my buddy Johnson to get his stuff squared away and then we would go downstairs to get down for formation. I'm still in my PT's and I hate carrying my rifle around but I'm getting used to it and they want us to get used to the weapon...we would do PT...the usual pushups situps and crunches. Then yummy chow. This time I got bacon damn they ran out of Sausage!!! But Bacon will satisfy my needs. No more yelling in the DFAC from the DS's and wow they get to eat a Breakfast because in Red Phase they would always walk around looking at us if we did anything wrong. Now they get to chat at their own table. Anyways we would get back to Company and then march to the Battalion Classroom. Today Sr. Drill Sgt was talking about BRM. We're going to start BRM soon and we'll dry fire on Tuesday the 5th and go to do dry fire on the dry firing range practicing the four fundamentals of shooting and getting comfortable to the positions we are going to fire which are the prone unsuppported and foxhole unsupported (Note: some training sites such as Knox and Sill that other Privates told me they don't do the foxhole for qualification anymore they do kneeling and prone unsupported) and go to the EST which is a computer simulation with a rifle you play in video games. That sounds cool. Then Wednesday we would shoot live rounds with our rifles. First we would do grouping then the next day zero our rifles so when we shoot the rounds would go straight. Grouping is a prelude of before zeroing your rifle and if you get a go on that and shoot rounds (it doesn't matter where the rounds land) in the same area 6 times that mean you're grouped and ready for zeroed. The shots have to be within I think a 4 cm circle.

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(That is an example of grouping right)
(Zeroing is after grouping which you would shoot 6 rounds again in the circle so the DS's know your rifle is ready to shoot right in the future)

An example of a grouped and zeroed rifle target.
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Anyways he said always shoot center mass right smack in the center and don't screw up! Also he said once you zero you can relax under the shade and wait for your other buddies to group and zero. Well after that lunch chow then clean up at the barracks and DS Johnson would call us to the Killzone which is a small classroom and we discussed about BRM and she would talk to us about BRM and that we should kick ass in BRM. Wow now that's some damn motivation well after that pep talk we would go to dinner chow, and tonite was BBQ chicken yum...My muscle under my right hip is hurting so bad right now....anyways I ate and when we ran back to the Company I can barely hurts so bad....I think I need to go to Sick Call and fill out a Sick Call Slip, (Sick Call is where you go to the Medical Clinic aka known as the CTMC and they treat the injuries there but if very serious such as broken bones you would go to the Army Community Hospital) so I filled out one...then we got called down for mail call and my leg is really I walk slowly and began to limp...after mail call I'd try to climb the stairs and pain would suddenly strike me...I still went though...and then when I got upstairs I limped again all the way to my bunk and got my soap and toothbrush and brushed my teeth and took a shower. Hopefully I won't need to run tomorrow since we have the AGRs (ablility group run) because I'm injured and in fireguard tonite because I need some rest badly....anyways tomorrow's Saturday...I heard about a Security Training Exercise we're doing tomorrow aka STX. Well I hope it goes well tomorrow....I need some sleep...


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