Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Damn nothing fun today well damn detail though

Today was a boring day...we had detail...well to summarize that to you the Whole Company would do work detail. 1st and 3rdth platoon stayed at the Barracks cleaned there and while my platoon (2nd) and 4th platoon would go out and fill sandbags. Yeah so much fun eh....well the good thing is we worked as a team and we didn't finish the job...oh well looks like lunch chow and guess what another lecture....After lunch and the lecture...we got back to barracks and looks like Drill Sgt Sanchez only took his 4th platoon to finish our work...looks like rest for me...well....we would just do bay maintenance to make sure our bay is ready for tip top inspection next monday by our Drill Sgt. Then we got called down and we got our gas masks. The supply NCO would come out and talk about our masks and if there are any problems or parts missing. I had a size small mask...Geez everything is a small for me...X Small BDUs Size 7 BDU cover geez what's next now another size small... Well Dinner chow then Mail Call, shower and sleep....


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