Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday I'm not saying TGIF

Hm...a wakeup as usual damn doing the same thing every morning gets dull...The other night I had to move next to by battle buddy Johnson (not to confuse Drill Sgt Johnson not her there is a Pvt Johnson in our platoon)and got everything from my old locker right next to the new one I'm going to dang that was a hassle...Anyways PT in the morning then breakfast chow...Yum...then we went back to the barracks to change into BDUs and then off the Battalion HQ to hear more lectures. This time we learned about tactics and bad news I fell asleep...Drill Sgt Sanchez caught me sleeping...well Drill Sgt Sanchez is a buff black man and you don't want him to get on his rough side his yelling is crazy. He can go from happy to crazy in seconds. So I went to back of the room and yep Rifle PT. The Rifle had to be in front of me arms straight for some time and then rifle drills, the rifle in front of me, above me and back of me. I did this straight for 1/2 hour and yeah it sucked. Well I won't be sleeping anymore...After that was lunch chow but another bad thing happened. A Pvt from 3rd platoon needed a battle buddy when the Drill Sgt called for one came with a Pvt from ECHO Company. uh oh this ain't good. We went in to eat and then I hear Sr Drill Sgt yelling Delta Company you fucking pissed me off today. "Why the heck you aren't coming to help your frickin battle buddies? A PVT FROM FRICKIN ECHO COMPANY had to BE HIS BATTLE BUDDY. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU PUSHING ME PRIVATES. You have embarrassed Delta Company! You're going to the fucking PIT TONITE!" Oh geez not the pit tonite. We went to the rest of our lectures(I try not to fall asleep and then dinner chow. After that Drill Sgts took over and we marched into the pit and low crawled and it was I was sweating badly. then back to barracks and to the showers. then off to bed...damn This Friday is not a good Friday for me. Sleep thank God it's refreshing to feel these fireguard tonite


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