Thursday, June 16, 2005

1st week of BCT is almost over

Got up did my personal hygiene, did my bunk and went down for formation. Also I forgot Fireguard did a crappy job last nite cleaning and DS Hoaglund and DS Johnson isn't happy about it. So while DS Johnson went down with us. DS Hoaglund would trash the whole bay. When I mean trashing the whole bay I mean trashing the whole bay. He made matters worse when Pvt Thao (he's my Asian buddy on the right across from me) left his lock unsecured and DS Hoaglund would throw out everything and toss it in the air. What really shocked us DS Hoaglund would smear SHOE SHINE ON the floor. Who ever has fireguard is going to have a long night...maybe I should help. Anyways while DS Hoaglund was doing his thing DS Johnson would supervise while we do our Early morning PT. I think I'm one of DS Johnson's favorites. Always noticable and I have no idea is that a good thing or a bad thing? Anyways breakfast chow yum yum! but of course I wish they give us more time to eat but we have to CHUG it down! We would hear more lectures about the Army Values and they would show us videos on what to expect in the coming weeks. Some people fell asleep and they would be PTed of course. After the lectures when we're about to file out to formation outside DS Johnson asks me" Pvt where you from?" I replied " From Florida Drill Sgt" " Wow Private I thought you would be livin in New York or somethin Private...What Country you from Private? "Vietnam Drill Sgt" Drill Sgt Johnson " Now that's cool Private now get away from me and get into formation" Hm...I think I'm a Favorite of hers...well we'll see. We went to lunch chow and had to hear more and more lectures when does it stop? Then Dinner Chow. Again Mail Call (about mail call if DS Johnson would hand out the mail and if you get more than 3 letters you have to do 10 pushups per extra letter. Jones JA has 15 letters and you do the math that's a lot of pushups...)and then we were told to go to the KillZone for something special. Hm..Well the platoon went upstairs and we waited eagerly for DS Hoaglund. He came in and we yelled "AT Ease!" HE said carry on and we sat down and he then told us to stand up and said "Privates who live on the east coast and midwest on the right side and West Coast on the left side. Well you know where I went. I went to the right side. We were going to have Battle Buddy Teams and you have to go where ever he goes, get punished when he gets punished. Well Basically be everywhere with your battle buddy is the concept. (females with females and males with males FYI) I was assigned with Pvt. Johnson he was 25 and a great battle buddy. He's from Chicago surprisingly where I was born. He also had a 81 lb girlfriend not to mention she's Asian...I can imagine hm...nevermind..but he's a great buddy. (Since he was ever assigned as a Battle Buddy he made me think faster and move faster. I have done things faster when I was his Battle Buddy and I thank him for that.) You'll never forget your battle buddy, your drill Sgt and your platoon. There's one private named Hurd great guy his father is a Sgt Major here and he's very athletic and he's one of the conservative types here. He likes to talk and settle things down when the shit hits the fan. He's great. Then there's Green...yeah Timothy Green oh geez he's always getting in trouble. He gets our platoon in trouble and everytime he messes up we mess up. But I respect the dude but really it's crossing the line. Another is Jones JA. I can see he has the looks of the ladie's man. He has a 15 year old girlfriend turning 16 soon and he's going to marry her soon after graduation (he soon bought a $600 engagement ring 2 weeks before FTX when we were on pass). But he has some integrity problems such as the cake incident that got us in the "PiT" Drill Sgt Hoaglund and DS Johnson would make him say "I'm Sorry 2nd Platoon!" We would reply Thank Jones JA!" We would say it couple of times and he would repeat it until the Drill Sgts had enough. I think the 1st Sgt doesn't like us much but he's a very nice guy...anyways Off to sleep fireguard YAY!


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