Saturday, June 11, 2005

My 2nd Day at BCT

ugh I hate waking up at 4:30 AM in the morning anyways it's 0430 in military time for you military folks reading...I follow either ways...but anyways Drill Sgt you know would come in at 0430 blowing that damn whistle of his. And we would do that routine all over again I described earlier. After personal hygiene we got downstairs to the CTA (Covered Training Area) and got into formation. The Drill Sgts would count all of us in our platoons to make sure we were all accounted for. Luckily today everyone was on time. Today we had our 1-1-1 PT assessment. 1 minutes of pushups, 1 min of situps and 1 mile run. When you pushups the arms have to be 90 angle and your back straight and when I mean straight it does have to be or the scorer won't count it. Situps were easy and mile run was a breeze. Boy I was pissed off I only had 12 "correct pushups" I did frickin 50 but oh well looks like I gotta work on the technique. After the PT assesment test we went to Chow and yum you gotta love breakfast all that sweet stuff....and then after that would be more lectures in the Battalion Headquarters. I heard we get our rifles on it's getting better. Ok about being in the classroom they would talk about certain things like regulations or a specific subject such as the uniform. I caution myself and the others about falling asleep in those classes. you would be in a rude awakening. If caught you would be told to stand up and go back to the room and do PT. When they PT you they PT you hard. Well it wakes you up though. They PTed one of my buddies caught sleeping and his BDUs were soaking wet so I think falling asleep would not be an option here....anyways went to lunch and more know it's getting boring and i'm looking forward to the Rifles you know. After more lectures, Dinner chow came up. Then back to the barracks. We had mail call and I got one letter from my mom. Darn I miss my parents ya know. She wrote a I miss you letter well you guys know what to expect in those letters and she sent me some money! That was nice anyways after that we went back to our bay and cleaned it up so Drill Sgt Hoaglund and Drill Sgt Johnson won't yell at us about it...anyways DS Hoaglund came up and it was shower drill time again...oh I hate those...after that I would brush my teeth and write letters back home and to my friends. Then Lights out. Again no Fireguard YAY!


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