Friday, June 10, 2005

Day 1 of BCT

Day 1 of BCT
June 10th
ugh, Fireguard was ok last nite. I hate losing an hour of sleep doing clean up duty. Ok to clarify what Fireguard is just cleaning the bay and making sure you do the required duties as stated in the binder at the desk we had up front near the entrance to the bay. I had to sweep the floors and mop them. Well I went back to sleep and enjoyed my 3 hours left I had until it was 0430. at 0430 Drill Sgt Hoaglund would come in with the whistle screaming and yelling "Wake up Privates!!! Wake up Privates!! You know the freakin drill left side brushes teeth while the right side folds their bunks! You gotta move fast Privates we got no time! Private Harris you're not moving fast you're not motivated Private! Get moving!!!" Anyways I sleep on the right side of the bay along with 4th platoon and I was trying to move fast. In my mind I was scared and nervous but I'm thinking that I have to get over that. I made my bunk and then I heard a whistle and Drill Sgt Hoaglund saying left side you're finished! Right side brush your teeth! We have a long day privates! Today marks Day 1 and we do PT!" Then Private Voyles one of the guys that came with me from Reception was just strolling down the aisle just walking. Drill Sgt Hoaglund recognizes him and saying " What the hell are you doing Private get moving!!!! OK PRIVATES YOU ARE PISSING ME OFF! FRONT LEANING REST POSITION MOVE!!!!!!" Oh damn it anyways that means pushups. everytime we did a pushup we had to say 1 Drill Sgt, 2 Drill Sgt, 3 Drill Sgt, 4 Drill Sgt, 5 Drill Sgt. Then he gave the command "Attention!" We were back on our feet and he said "I hope you learn your lesson Privates Now get the hell out of here and get downstairs!" Damn I didn't even to get to shave and brush my frickin teeth. damn it! Meanwhile we went downstairs and we got into Platoon formation. We would fall in at attention and the Drill Sgts would report in and then we would fall out to PT formation. We got a routine that we have to do everyday except on Sundays. Meanwhile after PT (first we would change into BDUs then) we would go to Breakfast Chow. Oh we would do the same procedure as I said on Day 0. Well to me and alot of people Breakfast is the best meal. You know why? Because of the sweets yum yum, waffles and cereal and eggs and sausage....After that we would be in formation outside the DFAC and while we waited for the rest of the Company we had to pull out our "Smart Books" and read it. Well someone forgot their Smart Book and guess what our platoon gets dropped. Half-Right Face! Front Leaning Rest Position Move! Oh I can't believe this. My Arms are getting so sore. I don't think anyone will forget their smart book from now on. After Chow we would go to the Battalion HQ Classrooms where we would have the Battalion Commander which was Lt. Col Cadwallader lecture us that we have parted on a great path to become Soldiers and ultimately MPs. She said Imagine yourself on Gammon Field where your family is watching you marching on that field, that same field where thousands of Soldiers before you graduated from years ago and then it would be your turn. Your families are watching your every move when you march and do the Pass and Revue. But 1st we must pass our goals and pass our tasks and face up to the challenges that we will face in the times to come. Then we had the Battalion Chaplain come in and lecture us on the church services available. Some Privates were rude and asked to go to the Bathroom. They were allowed to go but we were soon unaware of the consequences laid before us. After all the lectures, the whole Company lined up outside in Company Formation. Then the Sr Drill Sgt came out and said "Privates you embarrass me and disrespecting an officer. You fucking pissed me off today and you have crossed the line! YOU ARE GOING TO THE PIT!!!! I don't care how long. Drill Sgts you handle that after Dinner chow!" Oh shit damn it. My nice BDUs. Anyways the Pit is it's filled with Rubber chips it's soft but it's basically a pit where people get punished and you're doing out in the heat yeah it can get hot. We got to dinner chow and soon after that waited for our punishment and yes it did happen. We were told to take out everything out of pockets and put it behind us so we don't lose it. Then we did Front Back Gos which Front is pushups, back is flutterkicks and gos is running in place. Then we had to low crawl from one side to the other. I'm getting tired now why did we mess up. Someone had to jack up........argh...After that we marched back tired and we went to our bays and did shower drills and then we went to sleep. I looked on the Fireguard roster. My name is not on the list tonight....


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