Thursday, June 02, 2005

2nd day...

June 2nd

It's goddamn morning and I'm so tired. I got no sleep at all! Wow this is so great. Anyways we were issued "Smart books" which we were forced to read that had almost everything about on regulations and procedures, that went from the rifle to grenades ,the bayonet, the Soldier's Creed and the Army Song. Later I got my eyes checked and got my haircut. Wow my hair is gone, I can't believe it I have no hair. What will my folks at home say? And Damn the ladies who cut my hair were so rough on my head and I think I bled a little because they were so rough with the razor. Eh shit happens.. Meanwhile we just filled out some more paperwork.......and another day was done. The day feels like forever when you're here. I want to go to Basic already this shit is so boring.... Anyways we ate our three meals at the Dining Facility which is not bad at all. The food is basically your typical food such as sausage waffles and you know the good stuff. The Army cooks good food not the crap people always talking about.... Anyways after all that we went to the barracks and chilled basically. I made some new friends. I know all of them won't be with me during Basic because they have different MOS's than me.


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