Monday, June 06, 2005


June 6th
Again the same schedule you know it's getting boring. Today we got the rest of our shots and oh god we all lined up and this was how we got our shots. We got in line waiting to go, and there was this one person on the left and on the right. They both have two needles and stuck those needles into my arms. So 4 needles went into me just like that. *bam*bam*bam*bam* My arms were so sore. Gosh I hope I can get some sleep tonight.. Then we were issued our BDUs, about time we get to wear these instead of those PTs. We got those fitted on us. and by the way we wouldn't get the shirts until before chow because they would have to sew on our names. Meanwhile we would go to the shoppette and get our supplies for Basic. They gave us this $250 card that was out of our pay so we can get supplies such as shower shoes, nail clippers, the flashlight and running shoes and such. After that we got our BDU tops then
Then we had dinner chow. Sgt White which was our Processing NCO then marched us out to the barracks. We would sing some cadences such as the Airborne Ranger cadence. Here it goes:

I'm sitting in my foxhole
Sharpinning my knife
Up jumped the enemy
I had to take his life

Chorus:Airbooooooooorne Raaaaaaaangers Lead The Way

I went to wake up the Sergeant
He was lying in his bed
I went to turn him over
I found out he was dead

Chorus:Airbooooooooorne Raaaaaaaangers Lead The Way

My buddies in a foxhole
With a bullet in his head
The medic said he's wounded
But I know that he's dead

Chorus:Airbooooooooorne Raaaaaaaangers Lead The Way

I hear the choppers coming
They're flying over head
They come to get the wounded
But all they find is dead

Chorus:Airbooooooooorne Raaaaaaaangers Lead The Way

That's my favorite cadence. Then something unfortunate happens. A private named Timothy Green (he'll later be in my platoon when we got downrange which brought alot of hell) claimed someone stole his wallet and let the CQ Processing NCO know. Trust me the processing NCO was pissed. The Sgt told us that if that wallet wasn't turned in now he would call the MPs and the MPs would wreak the place apart and go thru everything. Well we waited 2 hours outside and you know what the MPs did come. They did drive those nice Chevy Impalas. They get their own cars to themselves. Whoa that's nice anyways...and guess what Green found his wallet in his locker..damn kid...2 hours waiting out there for nothing. then lights out.


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