Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another day at Army BCT

Wow same shit different day...formation, chow, lectures this time the lectures was about the M-16 and everyone was so enthusiatic about it. At least no one slept on this one. We got our slings for the M-16 so we won't have to march with them holding it. I heard the slings are the new ones that many units don't have and we have the nice ones hm...then we learned how to take apart the Rifle and assemble it. They don't time us on putting it together that's movie stuff...we learned the parts and the ammunition used. Bad part we learned is we won't fire with the Rifle until Week 4 oh we have to carry this rifle around for 3 more weeks not firing it. At least I won't need to worry about cleaning it..yet..Anyways lunch chow and lectures and dinner chow. Mail Call...oh darn no letters today...I can get used to this life ya know. after Mail Call went up to barracks and then back down to shine my boots. I wish I can use QuickShine boy that would be easier but I have to do it the old fashioned way...Then we were sent to take showers. Surprisingly DS Hoaglund would tell us no more Shower Drills but we would have to take showers on our own but limit the time. He said " I don't want to look at you ugly naked Privates anyways! If your buddies is late for next formation just because of a shower you'll pay the price." Next formation would be hydration formation which we bring down our canteens and drink the whole thing. I think I expect toilets to go off the whole night anyways the Company wouldn't shut the hell up and the CQ Drill Sgt on Duty would walk out there and everyone shouted At Ease and then The CQ Drill Sgt shouted
Company Attention!
Half-Right face!
Front leaning Rest Position move!
In cadence!

1-2-3- 1
1-2-3- 2
1-2-3- 3
1-2-3- 4
1-2-3- Halt

Just because we wouldn't shut the hell up in formation....oh geez we have a long way to go. Anyways the Drill Sgts would go home after mail call I think and there's a CQ drill Sgt on duty that stays UP ALL NIGHT to make sure everything's in order and he/she will be inspecting the bays to make sure everyone is asleep and in bed except for fireguard. If we had a male drill Sgt the alarms wouldnt go off if we exited the bay but if a female Drill Sgt and then the alarms would go off if we exited the bay We would have to stay inside the bay the whole time until wakeup so if we had fireguard we had to make sure we get the supplies out of the closet before lights out and alarms activated. The only people allowed to leave the bay is fireguard and CQ duty. About CQ duty is just cleaning up outside and doing errands for the CQ Drill Sgt. Anyways I had fireguard duty tonight I had the 2100-2215 shift that's a good shift well off to cleaning...and then to sleep...


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