Monday, June 13, 2005

The Day I meet my companion for the next 8 weeks

Well woke up at 0430 did the usual drill. DS Hoaglund and DS Johnson would come in as usual. Then we were issued our weapons card which has our number and information on it. It had the weapon's serial number and the weapon number it self. I had weapon number 78 and I was expected to remember my serial number. ok I hope I remember my serial number. We were then told to go down to formation and DS Hoaglund was checking lockers were locked and such. Ok I'd tell you people make sure your lock is secure. If you don't don't expect it to be tidy. The DS's will throw everything out of the locker and literally dump out everything except your personal drawer. A Private's shirts and underwear were on top of a pipe. Also don't leave your laundry in the dryer expect it to be wet when you get back to the barracks. They do check the dryers and washers. It just teaches you not to leave things unsecure and unattended. So don't do that....Anyways got in formation. We were told to sound off "In number weapon sequence count!" 123456789 1-0 123456789 2-0 and so on...basically the number on your weapon card was 10 then you go when they begin count. I was 78 so I had to wait until 123456789 7-0. We got our weapons and wow the precious M-16 my companion for 8 weeks...we are not allowed to leave our weapons unsecure or the Drill Sgt would take it and when you find out yours is missing you end up getting yelled at and unless he/she is not in a good mood then PT. So we had to go everywhere with our weapon except the latrine. Oh the bathroom is called the latrine. Don't call it restroom or bathroom. Here's what happened when a Private in our Company said that.

"Drill Sgt, Private Morrison requests permission to utilize the bathroom Drill Sgt"
Drill Sgt McKay-"What Private you want to take a bath Private you kiddin me?
"Drill Sgt no Drill Sgt may I utilize the restroom?"
Drill Sgt McKay-"What you wanna Rest now is that I hear?"
"Drill Sgt no Drill Sgt May I utilize the Latrine?"
"Permission Granted Go before you frickin pee yourself!"

Before chow we layed the weapons under the CTA (Covered Training Area)and assigned two weapons guard to make sure our weapons were not taken. That's how it works. You always have to have a battle buddy where ever you go. Always in a pair. Even when a Drill Sgt asks for a one private. That Private is expected to be with a battle buddy. We also had to have weapon's relief which they have to eat fast so the weapons guard can rush to the DFAC to eat themselves. Then after that we went to Battalion HQ classroom to hear more lectures..Boy these lectures can make you sleepy and don't FALL asleep. The DS's will always watch you and walk around and catch people and PT them til they sweat hard. They won't care if you moan they would PT you. When we enter a room we don't take seats immediately we have to stand at attention until the given order "Take Seats!" and we reply "Duty Honor Country!" and then we sit down. After all those lectures we went to lunch chow and we had more lectures and then to dinner chow. Of course we went to the barracks. This time we were told to get our rucksack and helmet. They were in pieces and now we have to put them together. We put the rucksacks and helmet together and helped others who had trouble. I had trouble with my rucksack so after the DS would release us upstairs I just pay 5 bucks for someone to do my rucksack for me. The helmet was easy to do..anyways then lights out. I checked the Fireguard roster and looks like another day off but tomorrow I expect Fireguard...nice a good night sleep once again hopefully tomorrow is a good day...


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