Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Day 5

Oh geez same shit different day again....early morning formation and PT of course then chow this is so exciting...yeah right...Anyways breakfast chow and back to Battalion HQ classroom. This time it was about the UCMJ and the media. We were taught about the Article 15 and the consequences. Ouch losing 1/2 month's pay and rank. That's gonna suck. Then lunch chow after that we were taught about the media and the procedure how to deal with them. Basically becareful what to say to them and what to do if they are there. Anyways dinner chow. Someone fucked up during Dinner Chow and got some cake guess what it was Green and Jones JA (First name was James and middle name I forgot, we had three Jones in our platoon). Oh I hate that kid. I can't believe it. We were sent to the infamous Pit. Jones just had to hide that cake under the table...and Green argh...have to do PT because of both of's hot outside and unbearable. Those bastards got to watch us suffer...argh..anyways maybe it will get better. Gotta keep my nice guy reputation. After that we went back to barracks and we didn't get mail call because it was too late and we went to the barracks and took a shower. Came down again for Hydration Formation and then off to sleep. No Fireguard tonite.


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