Saturday, June 18, 2005


Wakeup.....argh I'm tired. PT then chow.. Today we go to classrooms outside of the Battalion to learn First Aid. Basically, how to do a splint and what to do about exit wounds and such. How to wrap those bandages and how to apply them. I hope I can remember all this stuff for when we go out to FTX for end of cycle testing where the 1st Sgt grades us well if the 1st Sgt grades us...We had lunch outside and it was HOT A's basically food from the DFAC transported here. Of course we had limited time and had to eat fast. Then back to more first Aid. How we got to the classrooms was by bus or cattle truck or those luxury big buses we called them Cadillacs because they were so big and had air conditioning compared to those cattle trucks were blistering hot when you squeeze 50 people with gear on...Well after First Aid we went back to the Company and settled there until Dinner Chow. Good thing Sr Drill Sgt has the day off....anyways then Mail Call...damn no mail today...Anyways the Gas Chamber I hear this Thurs that will be cool...and We go to the Team Development Course on Tues. Finally something better than hearing lectures all day! Anyways shower then off to bed. I have the last sucks to have last shift..


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