Monday, June 20, 2005

oh the Bayonet, the ultimate WEAPON!

Wakeup 0430, did the usual drill...people would just walk and guess what we would do pushups...god I hate doing this when waking up in the morning. We have to get our gear on. They handed out IBAs which is the Interceptor Body Armor without the plates and these things protect your body from bullets. I heard the plates would be 15 lbs but we won't get them late. Anyways I put my IBA on and the LBV.
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We Got downstairs and got into formation and then we had to take all our gear off to go to get into PT formation...for stretching and then off to chow. After chow we got back on our gear and put it back on. The Gear we had consisted of the IBA, Kevlar Helmet, the LBV and the rucksack and of course my rifle. Anyways, we got on trans this time it was a cattle car got those things are hot inside...and then we were rushed outside when we arrived at the Bayonet Course. We practiced on tires and the Drill Sgts would teach us the techniques such as the slash, buttstock to the groin series, buttstock to the head series and the thrust. We also learned our motivation saying...when the Drill Sgts say Delta Company ARE YOU MOTIVATED? We say MOTIVATED MOTIVATED DOWN RIGHT MOTIVATED HOO HAH I WANNA KILL SOMEBODY HOOHAH I WANNA KILL SOMEBODY. Another was "What makes the green grass grow?" We reply "Blood Blood Bright Red Blood Drill Sgt!" I remember this female private she tore her tire up in pieces and now that was some motivation. After all of that we would take off our gear and go for platoon pictures. I smiled in that picture...oh well I ordered one platoon picture and cadre picture. Those pictures are the one you want! lol I love it when Drill Sgt Johnson says "That is the one you want" in a funny way. Anyways we ate MREs for lunch oooo my 1st MRE some MREs got candy I didn't though...but I did get peanut butter and crackers for a snack and Enchiladas as a meal...We had 1/2 hr to eat lunch wow that was the longest time we ate a meal...anyways we would run the bayonet course where you run with the rifle and bayonet slashing targets using the techniques the DS's taught you and low crawl under barb wire by back crawling and then reaching the end where the 1st Sgt was watching you. Well I finished the course in 5 minutes and damn it was hot out there. So I drank my full canteen of water I had. After that after everyone was done we went back to company and put our gear back in our lockers and went to dinner chow. Then mail call, showers and then off to sleep at 2100 no fireguard tonite...


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