Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Confidence Course

The last day of before we turn into White Phase damn I'm excited today! Today we'll do the confidence course which consists of obstacles. Well woke up did my stuff and got down in gear, we didn't do PT today and we went straight to chow around 0530 in the morning. Anyways after the yummy breakfast we got back on our gear and put it back on. Then we march to Trans and finally got to the Confidence Course. We were split by platoons and Drill Sgt Johnson would watch us and supervise us while Drill Sgt Hoaglund would overwatch another obstacle as a safety. Well we went thru this obstacle first

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It was pretty fun my hands burned but hey I love being in the air crawling on the rope. (Picture is courtesy of Missinginmo of military.com forums) Well when I got to the bottom and the 1/2 of my platoon got down we cheered but we couldn't keep our frickin mouth shut when we were talking and Drill Sgt Johnson would put us in the Front Leaning Rest Position...oh geez for the time being...then later she would just say get up privates...oh well..Then we would climb walls and climb a tower using battle buddies and help each other to get up the tower. Then we had to climb huge walls and I would have to step on one of my battle buddies back to get up the wall....Then we low crawled and did obstacles that required balance and did the monkey bars which I haven't done since a kid....well that was a long day though...we had Lunch MREs and this time I got Thai Chicken...damn it no candy!!!Stuck with peanut butter and crackers...as a snack but I'm addicted to Peanut Butter! Well then we would just do the rest of the obstacle course and then we would go back to the company by Trans. Then Dinner chow and mail call and shower and sleep...got fireguard tonite....the last night of Red Phase yay!!! Tomorrow is Warrior Tower!!!


Blogger sk8deshtruction said...

wow that ruined my memory ours didnt have ladders when did they add the ladders and why did they add them ?

9:56 PM  
Blogger Cyndikit said...

I was thinking the same thing! I did that course in 93 and there definitely wasnt any ladders then.

10:45 PM  

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