Monday, June 27, 2005


Today is inspection day, Fireguard did their best last night and I hope they cleaned the bay well....anyways woke up 0430, formation, PT and chow...and then got into BDUs and cleaned the bay more...then it was inspection time...we towed to the line with our M-16s standing at attention waiting for Drill Sgt Hoaglund to come into our bay and commence the inspection...Our lockers were to remain open and visible so he can inspect our uniforms and gear. The uniforms were supposed to be in a certain order and with the arms at parade rest so it would look neat but guess what I forgot to do that...anyways didn't have time to change it so I stayed there at attention. Drill Sgt Hoaglund soon came in and we yelled At Ease! He said Carry on Privates! We would say Yes Drill Sgt Good Morning Drill Sgt! Then DS Hoaglund said I hope you cleaned this bay because every frickin time it looks like crap in the morning" Anyways we went to the other side of the bay so I guess we're not going to be inspected first. He would put us at Parade I had to stay there for 1/2 hour until he would come up to our side...I would just stare at Pvt Reid from 4th Platoon and we would just make gestures and whisper...anyways I could hear Drill Sgt Hoaglund say the discrepencies he said "Strings on uniform, uniforms not in correct order in the locker, improperly rolled socks and underwear and not in order and he goes on and on...he soon reached our side and we were put to attention. I was the one first to be inspected. He inspected me and said "Strings on Uniform, Did you shave Pvt?" oh shit in my mind I forgot to shave this morning..."I did Drill Sgt my blade is getting dull Drill Sgt" "Ok Private you better get a new razor then" Phew I thought I would get smoked for that then he would check my locker and my uniforms were out of order argh I spend 4 hours organizing my locker yesterday..oh well He finished my inspection and went on to my battle buddy, same discrepency...anyways had to stand there at attention for 15 more minutes and then when DS Hoaglund was finished he said I hope you square your battle buddies and yourselves privates and then he left....well then it was lunch chow and cleaning the bay and then dinner chow...Mail Call...I got a letter from my buddy Aaron back in New Jersey...yay and my Mom...I feel so happy after a day being pissed off...oh well shower and sleep...tomorrow we go to the Confidence Course...


Anonymous Deanna Wheeler said...

WoW, if you wrote this in Basic I sure hope you went to Leonard Wood! I leave May 21st and I'm nervous because I leave 2 weeks before school is out and have been devoting everything I've got to school. I've only had an hour or two a day to work out. I've cut out dance, cheerleading,and my Y work out to cram for finals and get my projects done. It's killin' me. But I'm honestly getting kind of nervous about Basic. My friends have written me from Fort Benning but I still don't know what to expect.

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