Thursday, June 23, 2005

oooo ahhh the Gas Chamber

The Gas Chamber, such a place which is a horror to many people. Well today is the day that we will go through it and Drill Sgt Hoaglund and Drill Sgt Johnson asked us if we're scared and said they both love watching Privates panic and puke, well you know the nasty stuff. Well wakeup, hygiene, formation and PT. Then we ate breakfast chow and got our gear on. We got on Trans which was nice buses this time and we were dropped off at the NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) Classrooms and we learned how to get our masks on properly, if it is not on properly oh you're in for a surprise, I'll tell ya later but after that we marched to the Gas Chamber site and we rested there for a couple hours and ate lunch I'm a little fishy why they fed us Lunch chow before going into the gas chamber. We were all sitting around then the Sr. Drill Sgt would say "YOU BETTER FUCKING CLEAN THIS PLACE UP AND THIS IS YOUR LUNCH AND WE FRICKIN FEED YOU AND THIS IS HOW YOU TREAT US? YOU'RE GOING TO THE FUCKIN PIT TONIGHT I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE TIRED! FRONT LEANING REST POSITION MOVE!" Then the Drill Sgts would go around to make sure we did our pushups and served our punishment then we were told to get up. Oh god damn it the "pit" tonight again, can I have some peace...oh well. Then we were on to the Gas Chamber. 10 people went in at a time. It was hilarious hearing my battle buddies cough and even scream when they took off their masks and had to breathe in the gas. Someone dropped their mask and the row wasn't allowed to leave until that Private picked up their mask. They were in there for 2 minutes and that's got to suck. Some privates didn't follow directions and had to go in a 2nd time. Well I was in the 2nd to last row to go in, and soon it was my turn. I got my mask on and proceeded into the gas chamber. When we were in there we did some facing movements and then told to get our mask off. Dang this stuff burns! I kept my eyes closed and eventually I had to breathe in the CS Gas and it wasn't pleasant at all. I was horribly coughing and panicking a little and soon we rushed outside and the DSs and the other privates would tell us to flap our arms and I had snot come out of my nose and spit coming out of my mouth luckily I did not vomit but other people did. If I were to go through that gas chamber I would never ever go thru that again at all. For the Privates that didn't have their mask secure they coughed and breathe in the CS Gas for the whole 3 minutes and their eyes are completely red and I mean red. Then a lady would come out and sell us advanced orders on yearbooks and DVDs I ordered a DVD well it was 30 bucks oh well. I'll tell ya another thing Basic Training can get expensive...anyways Then we got on Trans back to the Company and dinner chow. We would get into formation after dinner chow and then march to the "Pit" surprisingly when we expected a column left to the pit we did a column right back to our Company meaning that we aren't going to the pit tonight. I think the Sr. Drill Sgt had enough fun watching us cry, puke, and vomit. Oh Thank God! Mail Call and shower then sleep! Damn I have fireguard tonite....2nd shift...2215-2330...


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hey man, are you posting these blogs while in Basic? they allow internet access? email me at if you ever get around answering my qestion. thnx.
and rock on soldier, I'm either gonna join the Army or the Marine Corp.

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