Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Radio Communications!

It's Wednesday, another interesting day in Fort Leonard Wood. Anyways woke up did my hygiene and the usual deal. Chow yum I love cereal now...too bad I have to chug it down and get out of there. After chow we got our equipment on and went on cattle cars to the classrooms. I heard we're going to learn communications and how to use the radio properly. Wow finally something fun, it was dull during the past two days... Well after we got out of the cattle cars and got into formation and then we were split by platoons to the classrooms. Drill Sgt Hoaglund would teach us about the radio and what to say while DS Johnson makes sure no one is sleeping. The Company XO and Company Commander were going around and of course we wouldn't want to embarrass our platoon futhermore because well you know Private Green (the fuckup) already caused trouble. I would advise you not to sleep in these kind of classes. Some Privates were caught asleep and had to go back to room and hold their rifles above their head for 1/2 hour and trust me it keeps then awake. Also I hate to hear moaning when they're having the rifles above their head. So I advise you not to do that. Anyways we learned how to use the radio properly and then we went back to Company Barracks in the afternoon just in time for Lunch chow. We ate lunch chow and then went back to the bay and cleaned up there. It feels like we never have time to things on our own it's clean clean clean...well then dinner chow, mail call and shower and sleep. Tomorrow is the Gas chamber how exciting will that be. You know I'm nervous...and I mean nervous!


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