Friday, June 24, 2005

Team Development Course

Well this is the week which we mark the end of the 2nd week of BCT yay...I can't wait for White Phase!!!! White Phase is the Gunfighter phase which we learn how to shoot the M-16 and other weapons such as the AT-4, M249 and the rest of the US Weapons arsenal used today by our Armed Forces. Well hopefully I'm looking for some bonding with some of my other battle buddies during the Team Development Course. Well did the drill and went to chow...Finally today I got SAUSAGE! All the other days I had bacon oh well finally something tasty....yum yum! Then we went to the course and we were put in teams and mixed in with other platoons. I had Nations and Neumann, Bean and bunch of other good people on my team and they seemed pretty good. Well we did some obstacles, bad part is that Nations, she would freak out sometimes and doubt getting over to the other side on a bar bridge but she made it after a long time yelling of motivation from me and my teammates...that's the thing about Basic it's going to build your strength and confidence so you can do anything. I'd like to say it's HOT HOT HOT out here and you need to drink alot of water and be motivated. I heard we eat MREs today, hm...sometimes I think it's better than lunch chow at the DFAC..because sometimes you get candy in them and DS's don't care! Well ate my MRE which I got Thai Chicken and damn it didn't come with candy argh...I haven't eaten any candy in 2 weeks...I miss candy! Then we went back to company and cleaned the barracks AGAIN! Dinner, mail call, oh about mail call, sometimes the Drill Sgt would make us watch the Privates who got Care packages eat all the food right in front of us, talk about torture, they can't even share and now we have to watch them eating in right in front of us...oh damn I miss that kind of food!!! Anyways shower and then fireguard...phew! I heard tomorrow would be Pugil Sticks, oh fun fun fun! I'm gonna beat some people well hopefully...


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