Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pugil Sticks YAY!

Well, it's been a good week actually here and I'm beginning to get used to this training. Anyways I woke up, did the usual drill, we got down to formation and then we did PT, we did AGRs today, which is the Ability Group Runs, they based what groups you're going to be in by the PT 1-1-1 accessment we took the 1st weekend we got to basic There are four groups Alpha which have the fastest runners, Bravo group has the people who can run but not as fast as Alpha, Charlie has the average runners and last group is Delta which has the people who can't run well at all. I was in Charlie Group yeah I know it's not good but hey at least I can run. We ran around the Battalion track and we did 60 30s which is 60 sprint and 30 walk. We had to do that same drill 8 times. It got very tiring but when a Drill Sgt is behind you and oh yeah you gotta run, that's what they're there for. Well I'll say I did well. After the run we went to chow and got into our BDUs when we got back from basic. When I was getting my BDUs from my locker I saw my Battle Buddy Johnson damn his shirt is totally soaked from the run, he must have sweated alot during that run, and that shirt was so wet it created a little puddle on the floor. Normally we hang out shirts outside of our locker so they won't smell. Don't worry we had Drill Sgt Hoaglund's permission to hang the shirts on the side of our lockers. Anyways we changed BDUs and my buddies would tease each other and stuff and then we would go down to formation and get the Pugil sticks and gear out. The gear consisted of football helmets, pugil sticks, and padding. Today we're going to fight each other. Our Drill Sgts would then get the company to the "Pit" and then split up into platoons. Each platoon had their own area and their own fights. When we got to our section, Drill Sgt Johnson and DS Hoaglund said lightweights here, middleweights here and heavyweights here. I weighed 112 lbs at the time so I was a lightweight. Jones JA was a lightweight, Inman and Jeter was also a lightweight. So I had a couple of my buddies to fight. Too bad I can't fight my own battle buddy Johnson...anyways they would call out the females to fight first then the males. While they were fighting I spectated and the Company Commander and the XO would take pictures of the fights. Meanwhile Sr. Drill Sgt was not happy though. He stopped the fights and said "Delta Company THESE ARE THE LAMEST FIGHTS I HAVE EVER SEEN! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT DELTA COMPANY OR YOU'RE NOT GOING TO DO THIS ANYMORE!!" Hopefully the Company got the message...soon it was my turn and guess what I went against Inman aka the smelly I got into my gear and put in my mouthpiece and grabbed the pugil stick. I got a little prep from another Drill Sgt which his name was Code. He said to us "Show us what ya got Privates, give us a show!" That got me motivated.
Then we got into arena and faced back to back. Then Drill Sgt Johnson would tap our helmets and we walk out 6 steps and then faced each other. I charged Inman and got a hit off of him and then his head. I got a point. (Max score 3 points) Back to back again and another charge. This time I missed. I would dodge his attacks and tried to block them but he got me in the chest so he got a point. Back to Back again and this time I let him charge and I smacked him in the head, I got 2 points there. The next time we slowly went up to each other and we kept blocking each others attack and then he did a slash and got me on the arms and chest. Damn it's a tie 2-2. I need to win this match. We got back to back and then taps from the Drill Sgt. I charge Inman and again we blocked each others attacks. I'm getting tired ya know but I kept on fighting. This time I went for the groin and it worked he flinched and I did a thrust into the chest. Drill Sgt stopped the match and raised my arm to signal the victory! Yay I won!!! Well Inman and me shoke hands. I would spectate other fights and cheer on. Then I was challenged by Jones JA. I got my gear on and to make this short I got killed. My head was so dizzy...because he kept aiming for my head....anyways then Sr. Drill Sgt would mass the whole company to have the best heavy, middle and light weights and females battle each other by platoons. Jones JA, Gosser and Harris represented 2nd Platoon. Well we didn't do well at all we lost all the fights, so 3rd Platoon grabbed the honors. Well after the fights we would go to lunch chow and put away the equipment and do bay maintenance. I heard there's an inspection on Monday and Drill Sgt Hoaglund would be inspecting so I cleaned up my locker and made sure everything was squared away. Then to dinner chow, no mail call today because Civis don't work on weekends and then shower and sleep...I got fireguard...seems like every other night..since our bay still looks like crap..oh well I sleep...


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