Sunday, June 26, 2005

Eh Another Sunday...finally some rest!

Wow Sunday...the best day in the week in my opinion because there is no training yay! but anyways wokeup at 0530 and did the usual drill and got down to formation in PTs. There was no PT today so we got sent up back to our bay to do bay maintenance. Meanwhile my battle buddies were doing their thing...I went to clean up my locker because we have an inspection tomorrow and our bay still looks like crap...but anyways cleaned my locker as prescribed by a proper setup of a Soldier's locker...Then we got called down to chow and Breakfast, I love the smell of sausage and eggs....and then we got back to barracks and for people going to church they would change into BDUs, I decided I go to Baptist Church today so I changed in BDUs and one of the Sgts in our company took us on the truck to Church we just do our prayers and I cried a little because I missed life so much back at home but oh well....when church was over we got back to Company and got ready for lunch chow....and after that more bay maintenance and some privates would do work detail as such as mowing the Company's lawns and moving the sprinklers. Well I was lucky so I got to stay up in the bay and made sure my locker was squared away...anyways dinner chow, shower and sleep....tomorrow is inspection I hope we're in tip top shape...Warrior Tower is this Wednesday I can't wait and that is the day we phase to White Phase....


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