Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Hm...another up did my stuff (got into BDUs)and we're supposed to bring all our gear with us downstairs, including the helmet, IBA and the LBV and the I did and yeah with my crutches...with my rifle slinged on my back. Got down to the CTA and ground all our gear and we would do the usual procedure, platoon guide would report in and such...then we would go in PT formation to stretch then we would march to chow for our yummy breakfast...then we would get back to the barracks and get on our gear and wait for Trans to arrive..this time we got a bus and the other platoons have cattletrucks sucks them eh? haha. But anyways we would go to the Grouping and Zeroing Range. Hopefully I would do well...hopefully I remember SDS would say shoot center mass and remember the four fundamentals and you'll group and zero....Well we arrived at the range and grounded our rucksacks and covered it with our ponchos. First our rifles would be cleared by a safety and then we would procede to a windscreen and get a safety briefing (there is always one when you go to the range) after that we would wait until it's my turn to get into the foxhole. God damn the M-16 is loud I never imagined it to be so loud...I think I've played too many games....anyways some Privates had difficulty shooting and their rounds were everywhere or they were far apart and not aiming center mass like they were supposed to..Then came my turn and would get ready in my hole and adjust the sandbags so I could get in a good position. Then we would hear instructions to load the rifle and go into red status which you pull back the charging handle to insert the round into the chamber and then he would say put your selector to semi and watch your lane...and I would begin to fire. shot the first three rounds. They were good and then I was told if I fired 3 more rounds in the general area where I shot I'm good to go. Well you have to wait til everyone fired their 3 rounds and then we would fire again after the DS's went up to every target and evaluate where the rounds hit. Then after they cleared we would wait for the safety to say the usual procedure and we would start firing again...This time I screwed up.....and the next time I got the rounds in the same place and was told to fire three more rounds well fired again and frickin screwed up! Fired again good results and this was my last chance...Fired the last three rounds and then guess what my nose begins to bleed...damn and I missed by one round because my bloody nose came up...damn it...looks like I'm not zeroing it I'm a no go for today...Anyways we would wait at the windscreen and eat our MREs and chill...then after everyone finished we would take trans back to the Company (this time we got a cattle truck I can't stand those damn things) and ground our gear...then dinner chow, mail call, shower and bed...I feel bad that I couldn't group today...damn it tomorrow I get another chance though.


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