Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday.... feels like a good day....damn I hate these crutches..anyways wakeup was at 0530 and did my usual stuff...DS Mckay is on CQ today...anyways damn we went to chow...couldn't march with the Company to the DFAC so I went seperate with the rest of the people who was profile (who had medical problems also) and then we went to eat....damn I hate having crutches...Bad thing is when you have these crutches you can't carry your tray and someone has to carry it for you...damn it...We have pass today and word is that people on profile such as can't walk or crutches can't go on pass...damn it...god damn it...I can walk fine well limp....Anyways we got back to the Company and then back up to the bay to do some bay maintenance and some Privates went to church and such...Meanwhile When everyone got back we got in formation...I didn't bring my crutches this time...I want to go on pass damn it...and then we were released to go around the brigade area...So I did it I got past DS Mckay and got to go to the shopette....damn I nearly limped all the way but I tried my best to walk normally...well bought some supplies from the MP Shoppette and today we couldn't get any goodies until tomorrow's July 4th pass...oh darn it..well went under the shade and sat around...everyone's asking where's your crutches? I just said I could walk fine...after that the First Sgt would come up and walk around checking up on us and this time he's in his civies I guess he's just hanging around.....anyways soon it was time to go...we had to get back by 1630 and I did get back...then it was Dinner chow and then shining boots then shower then fireguard tonite that's a good thing...Hopefully I get to go on pass tomorrow....


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