Thursday, July 07, 2005


Ugh....hopefully I get to group and zero today....anyways....woke up and got my stuff done...and got on my gear and went downstairs along with my buddy Johnson. Platoon Guide would report in and then we would get in PT formation and stretch. Then we would march to Chow. yum! Anyways after chow we got our gear and got on Trans to the same range we went yesterday. They seperated the ones who grouped and the ones who didn't. I didn't group so we did RTT (remedial training) we practiced aiming center mass even though we didn't fire any rounds but we practiced getting a silhouette target and trying to get the same picture everytime we shoot. It would be 11 AM by that time and then and soon we would be called up. First of all we would eat MREs for lunch. This time I had Country Captain Chicken I think it had candy in it so yum I haven't eat candy in so long! After chow I would get on the firing line and would get into position. I would adjust my sandbags and get comfortable. Then we would hear the safety to say all clear and hear the usual saying..."switch your selector lever to semi and watch your lane" and I began to fire 6 rounds so I can group and so I did. Then when cleared I shot three more rounds it went good. Then again when cleared three more rounds and DS Mckloskey who inspected my target passed me....I was so happy when I zeroed. Looks like today is a good day! Anyways we would get on trans and this time we got a nice bus back to the company. I love that Air Conditioning....I wonder do they have these Buses back in Benning? Anyways when we were back at the company, we would go for dinner chow, mail call and shower then fireguard tonite....anyways our bay still looks like shit....better clean tonite...we're going to a different range tomorrow....


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