Monday, July 11, 2005

another day of BRM

Shit god damn it.....another day of up and got my gear ready, Kevlar, IBA, LBV...and rucksack....filled up my canteens and damn Johnson is still faster than me getting his gear ready...oh well we rushed downstairs and got down to formation...damn anyways Platoon Guide would report in and we would get in PT formation and after that back to Company and got our gear on....dang first time I wore this gear since I had crutches...hopefully I don't strain this leg anymore...well we marched out and got on trans, this time it was buses...thank god I think I'm getting tired of Cattle Cars.....but anyways got in a seat and slept a little on the way to the Range.....damn it started raining....oh well when we got to the Range we got our wet weather gear and covered rucksacks with our ponchos and went to the Windscreen, then we recieved a Safety Brief from the NCOIC. Then we would get ready to shoot....the range out there looks like a jungle with bunch of trees and tall grass....anyways we were lined up and in firing it wasn't my turn yet so we waited until our names were announced by one of the DS' I got in the line and grabbed my magazines for my rifle and then got cleared by Capt Baranow the XO, then proceeded on to my designated foxhole, so I waited on the bench behind the foxhole because someone was still in it shooting the rifle...finally later it was my turn, so I got into the foxhole and adjusted my sandbags....damn it, the rain, I hope it does nothing to affect my performance....then we were told to get into position and load our magazines and so I did, then we would pull back the charging handle and then directed to put our selector to semi and begin firing....I was doing pretty well....then a stupid jam...god damn I did SPORTS which is remedial action and fixed it but I lost two targets to the damn malfunction...but anyways got my 18 targets....then we were told to go to the prone unsupported position which is my weakest I got on my stomach and got in position....and the usual procedure and then we began to fire and hitting 2 targets my M-16 freakin jammed again....damn it...this time it's not firing...oh I withdrew my mag and input it again...I lost 16 targets to the damn malfunction but I fixed it and managed to take down two targets....damn....I only hit 22...1 away from a passing...oh well there's many other days...Got our results and SDS said "just 1 Private what is going on?" I said weapon malfunction Senior Drill Sgt" Then he went away oh well....I sat in the windscreen watching everyone else shoot their rifle.....we ate MRE's for lunch and then we went back to the Company to do RTT when is remedial training and helped us on our weak skills and tried to make us stronger....time passed and then we went to Dinner Chow....yum BBQ meat and sweet potatoes....I love this Army food not to mention it's frickin FREE! but anyways after that mail call, shower and fireguard tonite....damn I need sleep...we're going to a better range I hope tomorrow....I have 2 more days before qualification and I'd better qualify...

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