Saturday, July 09, 2005


ugh...another's Saturday....wakeup at 0430....did my stuff...and got downstairs to the CTA....we're not going anywhere today....anyways last nite some Sto 2s (those are Soldiers who already graduated Basic training and were split ops coming for AIT) came yesterday and they settled at the bunks at the end near the latrines....names were Holderbey, Grimes and Kress.....First Sgt all granted them an on post pass....guess he's too nice but anyways my followup to get these crutches off me was first PG would report into the DS and soon there was PT which I didn't take part on at all since I had crutches still...then breakfast still had someone to hold my tray for me....and then back to the company to conduct bay maintenance...meanwhile we were going somewhere the EST....they would leave by platoons so first platoon went first to the EST...we're just sharpening our skills on BRM I guess...anyways then my appointment was coming up soon....One of the Sto 2's Holderbey filled out a sick call slip so he'll be able to go with me to the CTMC. Then we got on the Red Company Truck and waited for the Sgt to drive us there...and soon she got in and drove us there in a matter of minutes. We got dropped off and Holderbey would get his medicine and I waited for an appointment...did the usual like before, I checked in, got my blood pressure and temperature and then was sent to the waiting room. Finally after 15 minutes of waiting the specialist called me up, and I told her I felt better (I still had some pain) and then the doctor would come in and analyze me... then touch where the pain hurt tremendously last week and it still hurt some...but I said I felt nothing...he then said "you won't need crutches any more Private. Good to see you feeling better, it's a miracle you healed up so fast" I felt so happy....He also said I was on profile for no run no march for 5 days...oh well at least I'm able to do PT anyways I got out of there and I found Holderbey waiting for me outside and we walked back to the Company area. Then I would report into the CQ office. DS Marlar looked at me and said HE'S CURED!!!! YAY! (I laughed so hard in my mind) I was dismissed then I went to my platoon and saw our white phase banner furled...and I showed my DS my papers and said if you're on profile anymore I won't graduate....and he pointed to our white phase banner and said you know Private what happened? I said No Drill Sgt. We're back in fuckin Red Phase Private! Then he would storm off....looks like he's in a bad mood today....and someone fucked up....oh well...went back to my platoon. Then 15 minutes later we were called up to go to the my gear on and my helmet and ruck...and we marched over there...I didn't march with the platoon and I walked just right behind them walking...because I was on profile. Anyways got to the EST and grounded our rucksacks. Meanwhile we would get a lecture from DS Code on BRM. and soon it was my turn to get inside the EST...and I shot 30/40 targets...that's Sharpshooter...nice! Everyone else did well also....and we marched back to the Company. While we waited in Formation for DS Hoaglund to come out, we chatted at ease and chilled....then DS Hoaglund would storm out and we said at Ease! We were at Parade Rest and he said" Privates I'm really impressed by these results! Looks like you proved to be good Privates and I'm rewarding you that we go back to White Phase. You're lucky he unfurled the white flag and we're back in White Phase...anyways we would go back upstairs to our bay and ground our gear and IBA and LBV...then we would perform squad tactics that DS Hoaglund had taught us a couple days ago....that was fun....we learned signs such as Danger Area, Squad Leader, platoon Sgt and such...after that Dinner chow, no mail call, shower then sleep....Got Fireguard tonite...


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