Saturday, July 16, 2005

EST and it's frickin Saturday!!!

Hm.....I'm so tired from yesterday....ugh...great....another early wakeup....4 weeks to go I think.....I can't wait to go home...where I will sleep on my own bed.....oh I wish...but anyways woke up 5 minutes early and did my hygiene stuff and got down to know the normal routine, the PG would report in and stuff, and then we would get in PT formation and perform our exercises....and then we would do our AGR....god I hate those....this time we went out to the Water tower and this is brutal.....I can feel some pain again where I got hurt the 3rd week...the same exact place but I still kept going until we got back to our company....god damn it, I can barely walk...but I still can at least....anyways Next week is US Weapons and I can't miss anything at all! Then we were told to take showers and get into BDUs....damn my buddy's shirt is soaked like he has been hosed down.....geez we had to put a towel so the shirt wouldn't create a anyways took a shower and changed into BDUs.....and then got down to formation and we marched to chow singing Airborne MP (replace Ranger with MP) fancy style DS Code way! Damn I love his cadences but he can be a bitch sometime when it comes to D&C (Drill and Ceremony) lucky he's not my DS...he would keep his platoon (1st) outside and do some facing movements and practice marching while our platoon and the others file into the DFAC to eat our breakfast.....then finally first platoon after 5 minutes of D&C would come in and eat. Then we would leave in groups to the company and wait in formation for the DS's. After that we would get our gear and head downstairs in 10 minutes....Today we're going to the EST to learn ARM (Advanced Rifle Marksmanship) and learn when the weapon is pointed down and on safe and learn to react when you see a target and put it to single and then after finish firing then put on safe.....basically we did that and lunch chow came up and we ate then we would wait for other platoons to go thru the EST and while we waited we practiced manuevers if an enemy and how we would form basically, basic tactics. Then soon it was our turn to go in....we would file by squads and watch first when inside the others shoot....some couldn't shoot for shit some did fine and others did great. However I did great. 19 of 20 shots and another 18 of 20 shots....some others guys in my squad shot 0 on the first try...ouch. Then we would file out and the ones who didn't do well would speak with DS Johnson and explain the reason why they can't do well...well I was fine and was told to get on our gear until DS Hoaglund would get our platoon and march back to the company.....after that we would get to the company and went up to our bay and ground our gear and go into the killzone to clean our weapons.....I hate cleaning weapons ya know but I'll have to get used to it...gonna do that alot when you're in the field out in Iraq anyways. but after cleaning up we would be called down to dinner chow whenever the other platoons came back from the EST. After the yummy scrumcious chow there was no mail call :( but we had to shine our boots....gosh...I hate shining these boots....Johnson would talk about her girlfriend and how she is and stuff....gosh she's like 80 lbs lol and whoa imagine if he was on her...oh never mind I don't think this is the place to talk about this....oh geez but you get the picture! After that personal time to write letters, shower and to bed.....I have fireguard tonite....looks like I'll write letters...tomorrow's there's pass but I can't go because I guess DS Johnson doesn't like me still when I literally accidently pushed her off her feet...... oh darn...tomorrow's another day...


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