Thursday, July 14, 2005


oh how lovely....the day of up did my hygiene and got my gear ready and made sure I LOCKED my lock....I don't want another god damn repeat of what happened on Tuesday....but anyways Johnson is still waiting for me...damn I need to get ready down to the CTA and grounded my gear....platoon guide would report in to the DS's and got us accounted for....and then we went on to chow....yum I love breakfast...pancakes and syrup and Raisin Bran....your typical back to the company and got on our gear and we were on our way....anyways got on trans which this time it was a bus. We got off grounded our rucksacks and put our ponchos on them and then the DS's would clear our rifles. We're shooting at Range 9 which is a flat range unlike the other ranges had frickin hills and such..but we all went to the windscreen and sat down and soon recieved a safety brief...argh the usual old brief then we got shooting....and soon it was my into my foxhole and adjusted the sandbags to my comfort....and then we would prepare ourself until given the order to get our rifle and started shooting....shot the 75m target and soon the 100m, 125m, and other targets....I did pretty well shooting in the foxhole I think I got like 18 hits in the foxhole supported position...but now to the nightmarish one...the prone into position and got ready and then we were given the order to fire and so I did...I hit 4 targets until I litereally became VERY impatient and tried to shoot the 300m target and end up wasting many bullets on the targets that were very far and my last shot I hit a 75m made that 5...I wasn't really sure how many I hit and I hoped I at least qualified...cause you know I sucked today really bad...I mean I suck. but anyways soon we were lined up on the line to get our results and being that in the first lane I would get my results first....Senior Drill Sgt said 23 Marksman a go. DS Johnson looked at me don't look at me Private...So instead I looked beside me(I wish I didn't push her at all I'm so sorry) and watched my buddies get their qualification badges and watch the ones who didn't qualify fall out and head out to the no go section to qualify again. Oh geez I did it and I made it....even though I made those stupid mistakes of firing at the 300m target so much. but anyways I would watch people after that I headed to the air conditioned classroom they directed us to and I saw people who qualified in the battle buddy who went ahead of me didn't qualify yet....oh darn now I'm getting worried...anyways we chat and waited for awhile and some DS's would come in and out and congratulate us that we qualified. Later I saw Johnson and he did qualify and hit 23 and made the minimum like I did....soon we ate MREs and this time I got Veggie Burger with BBQ sauce yum...I love BBQ sauce...after that we waited awhile for everyone to qualify, most of the company qualified and only a select few did...then we did shakedown which they would search us for brass or ammo....and then we would put on our gear and wait for trans back to the company...this time we got buses again....damn I think I can get used to this lol. Next we would get to the company and ground our gear in our lockers and went to dinner chow...then mail call, shower and then fireguard tonite...I need some sleep...


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