Tuesday, July 19, 2005

M249 time :D

Today's another day....oh Albert forget the past anyways...I woke up did my usual stuff and got our gear on and headed downstairs to the CTA and then grounded it...you know the drill, PG would report in and we would then march to the DFAC and eat our wonderful breakfast chow. Then we would get back to the company and got on our gear. Then we would get on trans....this time it's those buses :D Thank God....but anyways got to the US Weapons range and we would clear our rifles even though we're not going to use them at all....weird but anyways we would then march and put our rifles in a holding area under the tower and they would lock them up....and then we would go to the bleachers and then get a briefing about safety once again...gosh it gets boring hearing these things...but then we would get a course on how to use the .50 cal....but we never fired it...that sucks...then how to set up the claymore...and then we would learn how to fire the M249 and how to load it and clear it...and then fire the baby :D oh yeah I loved it...once I got on the range and loaded 50 rounds into the SAW it was so cool...with this power in my hands :D gosh I wish this was my primary weapon but it was cool while it lasted....after that we would eat lunch chow, which again was MREs, I would talk with Garcia (he's in Iraq now FYI) and we would exchange goodies as usual....and then after everyone completed firing the M249 we would get our rifles and get back on our gear and wait for Trans to get back....meanwhile we got on Trans and got back to the company....and then we would ground our gear in our lockers....and go to the killzone to get some lectures...and then we would be called down to dinner chow, tonite's entry was BBQ chicken yum! Then after dinner chow we had mail call and then we would shine boots and then shower....and then the usual Hydration Formation...and then sleep...I got fireguard tonite first shift...it sucks lol but anyways tomorrow we're going to fire the AT4 and the M203! YAY! Gotta sleep now...


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