Monday, July 18, 2005

ARM and today sucked ass...

gosh...another's Monday argh....I need some candy....Hartman got me a bag of M&Ms and I put in the laundry bag...ah...I'll get it later...but anyways woke up and did my hygiene stuff...and then got my gear battle buddy Johnson is waiting for me and telling me to hurry up my gear on and (ya know I gotta get quicker now adays) downstairs and grounded my gear....the PG would report in and then we would march to the DFAC for morning chow. Gosh I love morning's just so goooodddd but anyways after that we went back to the company and got our gear on and marched to catch our trans to the range. Today we would be doing Advanced Rifle marksmanship where we will have our weapon pointed down and on safe and then when pointed up we turn the selector lever on semi and shoot a couple rounds and continuously doing that at the standing position and then the kneeling position. Well we got on Trans and this time it would be a cattle car...again these things...imagine getting cramped with everyone with gear yeah it's kinda cramped in there and hot. But anyways we arrived at Range 2 where we first dry fired a week and 1/2 ago. but we got off trans and grounded our gear at the assembly area and then lined up to have our rifles cleared and then walk to the windscreen to hear the "safety briefing" you would always get at the do get tired of hearing these briefings...then we would starting shooting..I would get in line and I would see DS Johnson and DS Hoaglund giving instruction as the recruits would shoot and DS Johnson would look at me as she was my enemy...I guess she's not going to forget about me shoving her that one day....oh well...she said stop looking at me Private and then I looked straight....geez I shouldn't have shoved her....but the past is the past but she was going to be my instructor when shooting and I know she wanted me to screw up by the way she was looking at me ...but then Senior Drill Sgt said I need some privates to come down this lane and I volunteered so I could get away from DS Johnson....and I ended up with DS Thomas and truly he's a great DS and a nice one actually, barely yells, very soft kind of person and loves to play Halo 2 on the Xbox during CQ lol, I shot my rifle and he praised me...meanwhile as I got off the range some idiot would piss off DS Hoaglund and I would hear him screaming at would always hear DS Hoaglund screaming on a range everyday no matter what....oh my rifle cleared and got on my gear and waiting for everyone to finish....once everyone was finished we would get all of our gear on and get back on Trans....meanwhile we got back to the company and grounded our gear in our lockers and then get a course on how to assemble and dissemble the M249 SAW and the MK19...and then lunch would be MREs by the the Country Captain Chicken...yuck....but anyways it had Skittles...yum! Can't say I hated it! but anyways after chow we would get back on the M249 and then DS Hoaglund would approach me and I would snap to parade rest and said Private there's some of your buddies saying you have food in your locker...I said no Drill Sgt....and he went on his way...oh damn...someone snitched on me...gotta do something about it....but anyways went upstairs and cleaned up my locker and remains of my food...not to mention I left a wrapper unchecked in my locker....and then went back upstairs to finish watching the dissassembling the weapons...and then we would proceed to the Killzone to clean our weapons and then DS Hoaglund went up to me and said he wanted to go to my locker and I would open it and he would search it...and so he did....and he found a wrapper that I forgot to throw away and he said Private don't do this again...good thing I didn't find any food in here...and then he left me....went back to the killzone and cleaned the weapon....and soon it was PT time and we would get into our PTs and proceed downstairs and get in formation...and then we would get in PT formation and do our daily would be strength day so we would do pushups and situps....and so we did and then we would have dinner chow well just before that Senior Drill Sgt would come out yelling and saying that he heard some Privates having food in their lockers and he would check every single locker in the whole company.....oh damn I'm screwed I have Peanut M&Ms in my laundry bag...and they would go thru everything thing...pockets and we ate dinner chow and then arrive back at the company and we would tow the line and wait for the all of the DS's to check our lockers...I'm so screwed...DS Mckay would come in and then tell me to open my locker and then asked me if I had anything....and I said yes (I had to admit it to avoid big punishment besides integrity is part of the Army Values) and then asked me where it was, I said it was in the laundry bag....and he took it out and put it on the floor....and then checked everything else...and nothing....oh damn my locker is so messed up...but anyways we were finished and he would check the other lockers...SDS would come in and when he saw the M&Ms he said Private why would you do that...and then walked away....meanwhile another DS would open the bag and spread it around...oh geez...looks like I'll have to clean it up later...after that we would clean up and get our stuff together...and then lined up to get our plates for our IBAs...and these plates are worth alot of money I'd tell ya....not sure how much they cost but these are not cheap and they are heavy....meanwhile we would get our beds back together since they were ripped apart because of that inspection and went to fireguard tonite...tomorrow's another day.....and we would shoot the SAW :D (Anyways I found out I wasn't the cause of that was some guys in 4th platoon that was running a chain of selling candy and SDS was so furious when he heard that...looks like DS Hoaglund kept it down....) (my buddies would clean up the mess for me while I was sleeping)


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