Wednesday, July 20, 2005

M203, MK19 and the AT4 :D

Today's another day.....but today we're going to fire the cool stuff! The big guns baby! damn...but anyways woke up and did my hygiene stuff and got my gear ready...and of course you know my battle buddy Johnson is waiting for me and then we would head down to the CTA and ground our gear.....PG would report in and then we would march to the DFAC and eat our lovely breakfast...yum sausage....I don't get tired of this shit, because it's sooo good. Then after breakfast we would get back to the company and we would get on our gear and head to trans......we're going to the US Weapons Course today :D firing the fun stuff :D we got on the bus and we were on our way...gosh all this gear....I weigh so little...and all this gear is killing me...oh well...It's Army life for me....meanwhile we got to the range and we would depart the bus quickly and ground our gear at the assembly area. and then we would get our rifles cleared by our DS and then proceed to some tables where we would lay our M-16s since we weren't going to be able to be using them today. First we would go the windscreen where we'll get another boooorrring safety briefing....and then we get in a formation and be split up in two groups one for the M203 and the AT4...before we did that...we would get to see LeMarche , the Private that made Expert during BRM, blow up claymores and fire an AT4 round.....damn those are LOUD as fuck...I can imagine when you go in the field and using those things in combat...after that since I was in the M203 group we would go to a small classroom and we would grab the M-16 with a M203 launcher and then head outside. DS Mckay and DS Mckloskey would teach us how to reload and fire the M203 round and how to aim it right. It took me awhile to learn but I got the gist of it. Then we would all go down to the M203 range and fire the M203...these are not real rounds...basically we fire flares and tried to aim into a window....I fired 2 rounds and it was close to the window but eh I don't care at least I got to was ok though. Then our group would head to the AT4 classroom and we would be taught by DS Beale and DS Code how to handle the AT-4 and what to say before we fired....saying "BackBlast Area Clear!" Then we would dry fire it....finally we would go down range and fire the AT-4...again these are flares and not the real thing....oh well...fired 10 rounds and it was finished...I can imagine firing the real thing....anyways after that would be MRE time and I would chat with Garcia about home and such....damn I miss home...but then we would get back to training after eating's going to be MK19 time, (for those who don't know what an MK19 is, it's a grenade launcher)
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Basically we would get a refresher's course on how to load and charge the MK19...and then we would fire the baby :D, we would get these rounds and these rounds are fairly big....and heavy lol..and then we would fire these babies downrange....I would have to wait in lines to fire the MK19...meanwhile I would see DS Hoaglund screaming....AS usual...geez...I think he's bipolar....oh well...I try to avoid him as much as I can and I'm scared of him I would get in line where DS Sharp (she's a Reserve DS) and soon it would be my turn to shoot....I charged it and then I forgot what to do...then I remembered...she yelled at me though for not remembering it on spot...after spewing the rounds downrange...we would get on our gear and we would hop on trans back to the company...damn cattle truck I wish could burn these things to the ground and we would get buses..but that's me....anyways we got back to the company and would ground our gear in our lockers and head down for dinner chow....yum...sweet potatoes and corn! yum.....and then we would get back to the company, for mail call, shining our boots and then we would get our showers and finally sleep...tomorrow is MOUT....finally....some high speed action!


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