Friday, July 22, 2005


Today just another day....but today we have our 3rd Inspection....The 1st Sgt is going to inspect us today....we'll be in formation by platoon and with our M-16s....anyways woke up and did my hygiene stuff and then headed down for formation with Johnson..and then the PG would report in and we would then get in PT formation for our regular morning PT....I hate running today...especially 60 30s..but hey at least my run time is improving...but after PT formation we got upstairs to our bay and changed into BDUs and then we would go down for formation to breakfast chow...oh yum the best meal of the day. Sausage as usual, gotta love the stuff ya know...but after chow we would get back to the barracks and conduct bay maintenance. And then we would go to the killzone and clean our rifles and prep them for inspection. Drill Sgt Johnson and DS Hoaglund are stressing a little about inspection. They want us to pass and succeed. Hopefully we will. I made sure my BDUs were squared away with no strings and such, I'd kill myself because I spent 1/2 hour looking for problems with my uniform...I would then take apart my rifle and apply CLP into the chamber and hopefully that would get carbon buildup out . It's a bitch cleaning this crap though but nevertheless it teaches us responsibility. Soon we would then march to lunch chow......yum cheeseburgers for lunch...too bad we don't have much time to fully enjoy the meal, still we had to rush as usual. Then it would be inspection time...meanwhile we would practice inspection arms...this is the procedure

because some recruits would still have issues with it....I was ok on it...well hopefully. Our platoon guide would put us at ease until our DS instructed us to go to the other CTA and soon the First Sgt would come out and inspect 1st platoon....and then our platoon....squad leaders would call to attention when the first Sgt approached their squad....and then parade rest when he leaves his/her squad to the next one....when inspecting the private, the private would perform inspection arms (if not performed correctly the First Sgt would take his rifle and inspect his/her rifle most likely) and then the First Sgt would ask him a question on the Army Values or ranks or the Chain of Command which were highly stressed into us since Day 0. Then he would come up to me and I performed Inspection Arms, he didn't take my rifle though...I guess I did it right and then he asked Private Harris, who is the Regimental Sgt Major? I said the Regimental Sgt Major is Sgt Major Barrett First Sgt. Then he left...phew...that was a close one....but thing is some privates would be asked about their weapon number and the effective and maximum range of the M-16...I was lucky not to get those questions. However after the inspection of our platoon we were dismissed to our bay and DS Johnson would direct us to the Killzone and we would get a small debrief from her. She said we sucked but personally in her view she think we did fine...she would ramble on that the First Sgt hates 2nd platoon because we're so good...and then she would joke on about stuff....she would then ask questions to the privates that didn't get the questions right and why they didn't know.... meanwhile we would wait for the other platoons to get inspected...time would pass by and after every platoon got inspected we would be called down for dinner chow , after dinner chow, mail call while we were shining our boots, then shower then sleep...tomorrow we're going to do the grenade range...LIVE grenades :D oh hell yeah! Also I hear we phase to Blue....o nice more privledges...I think...


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