Sunday, July 24, 2005


Ugh another Sunday....I bet I won't go on pass because DS Johnson is still pissed about me pushing her on that day...oh well I'll live.....anyways wakeup 0530.....and we just made our beds and did our hygiene stuff....and then formation....PG would report in to the CQ DS and then we would be dismissed.....guess what this pass would be the onpost pass....we can go ANYWHERE on post...because next weekend we're going on our FTX....damn a 10k well a little more than that but hey that's nice finally something hardcore lol......but anyways just did some bay maintenence and then reported for formation for chow...yum breakfast least we got time......DS Beale was on CQ but he's pretty tough on alot of should hear him yell (anyways here's a pic of him on the left.) I cannot forget the lines yeah I got ya Private yeah you got ya Private we're gonna have some personal time with ya....."
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and pretty young for a DS but again...he was a hardcore MP...but anyways after chow we got back to the barracks and got into our BDUs for going on pass.....basically he would read off the list on who would go and who would not...I bet I wasn't on that list....he read off the list and guess what I got to go! YAY! Finally freedom! lol I got my 2 qt canteen and proceeded off with Hartman...we would go to the movie theatre and to the main PX...and eat some goodies and..yum I haven't eaten so much good stuff since I was here at FLW...anyways got a haircut also I wish I can get a high and tight now...this buzz cut is really getting annoying.....anyways I love this....but anyways we had to be back around 2000 and so we did....after accountability formation we would get back in the barracks and chill and get our showers and some sleep...tomorrow's we're doing an STX...oh fun fun...


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