Monday, July 25, 2005

Buddy Movement Training

Ah.....another day of training....gah this is getting old waking up at 0430 in the morning.....oh well...I'll live as I always I woke up and did my hygiene stuff and we got our gear ready and usual Johnson would get his gear on faster than me......and then I finally got my gear on and headed on with him downstairs...then when we approached downstairs we grounded our gear and while the PG would report to the DS's and then we would march to the DFAC for breakfast...yum sausages and eggs....I'd tell ya one thing I love about eggs....put some ketchup on them it makes it soooo good. Trust me it does....since you don't have time to taste it so you rather do it....but anyways after chow we would all run back to the barracks and get on our gear. And then we would march to Trans....damn it, it's cattle trucks this time...oh well again I'll live...I just hate being all scrunched up in there....anyways we arrived to the range where we'll be doing Buddy Tactical Movement, basically we all move in Battle Buddy Teams covering each other......hard to explain but here's the pictures of what we did.
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Basically the DS's would show us how to do it first...basically we are firing live ammo so we have to be very careful and be fully aware where our muzzle is pointing. The DS's are always stressing muzzle awareness. Anyways it's so fricken hot today. and it was only like fricken 10 am in the the DS's told us to roll our sleeves and we're in Heat Cat 5, where it's HOT HOT HOT......but anyways word is the Command Sgt Major is going to watch us...and she's a strict lady....I heard especially on drill....god forbid on our graduation practice whenever that comes we screw up I heard she made the last battalion stay up til 2200 until they got it all right......whoa. Anyways 3rd platoon preceded with training....but soon Leon a private in 3rd platoon would nearly collapse and a female Drill Sgt would bring him over and I and another battle buddy would get him under a tree....The First Sgt and SDS made sure he would be living because it's their ass if he doesn't...but anyways we got out an MRE and gave him bits so he can recuperate. He'll be fine. BTT would be canceled though. oh well so much for that kind of training and getting there....but it's just so fricken hot, I'm talking about 95+. Imagine that....We would get on our gear and clean up the range of brass...meanwhile me and Jones JA when we would clean up he would sneak brass into his boot. Normally DS's don't check that when they do shakedown. I guess that's one way around a DS. After that we would go thru shakedown as you know to make sure we didn't have ammo or brass and then we would get on trans back to the company. We arrived and we would be distributed MREs....yum..Veggie Burger with BBQ sauce....after lunch we would ground our gear in our lockers and then head to the killzone to get a discussion from DS Johnson...basically just joking around and what to expect in the week ahead.....she said we're going to expect Live Convoy Fire and such soon.....and a 10 mile ruck march to the FTX site.....well I'm up for that (I hope...)then we would be called down to the CTA for dinner formation and we would head the DFAC, eat and head out...get mail call and shine our boots....then shower and sleep....tomorrow is another STX......


Anonymous Anonymous said... had integrity for the candy. What happened to the integrity for the brass that a soldier snuck into his boot? I'd say that is more important than candy. Wouldn't you? I don't mean to sound like a bit** but come on. I went through boot camp to....

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