Friday, December 09, 2005

About Me lately in December 2005

Hi guys, I appreciate your support for me writing this great journal especially the guys at forums and their motivation to write this lengthy journal. Again Thanks. To update the news here, I'm in the 927th Support BN Headquarters Detachment as an MP. Also I'd like to announce I'm transfering Active Duty. I'm in processing right now to Active Duty so I'll be joining the Active Component Ranks very soon. I hope you guys enjoy my journal, I've been so busy lately with work, life and alot of things and I appreciate your patience. If you have any questions IM me at duran87aa and I will answer your questions. I get many emails a day asking about BCT. Bottom line I will just say it was fun but yet stressful anyways have fun reading and I hope you guys have a great day! Hooooooaaaaaahhhh!